Pathway To Wellness

Top Priority

Your body heals itself on a priority basis. Healing energy will be directed to the most serious problem you have, with regard to your survival, right now. To actually get well, the body must be allowed the time and opportunity to repair and rebuild. The body will do this on a very definite priority schedule. That is why the elderly don’t heal as fast as children. They have too many “priorities” greater than what is causing their pain.
It’s important to remember that something you are not aware of could be in priority. If your painful shoulder is not responding as quickly as you would like it to, your body may be directing the healing force to some other part of your body that needs the attention more at that particular time. Some other area of your body is in priority.

Your body rebuilds itself as a total unit and not piece by piece. Your pain will go away when it is no longer necessary, and when it is in top priority. When you treat the whole, the whole will heal the part when it comes into priority. That is how B.E.S.T. treatments work to heal your body.

The Six Essentials for Life

Every day, you make choices about your health in Six Essentials areas. These choices can result in poor health or can lead you to a lifetime of good health. These choices are:

What You Eat
What You Drink
How You Exercise
How You Rest
What You Breathe
What You Think

Three Causes of Disease

There are three main causes of disease: Trauma, Toxicity, and Thoughts. Trauma to the body should heal in a reasonable amount of time, unless there is interference. Toxicity is related to what we eat, drink, and breathe. Thoughts, however, create the greatest interference for most people in their quest for health. Every thought you have with feeling, whether positive or negative, changes the way your body functions, for better or worse. B.E.S.T. therapy addresses subconscious memory interference that hinders your body’s natural healing ability. The physiology (effect in the body) of a trauma can be stored in “memory”. The trauma can be physical, emotional or both. Memory, at three levels, physical, mental, and emotional, is updated to present need with a B.E.S.T. procedure.

Emotional issues

Emotions and thoughts are important to your health. Changing the way you think may be the most difficult change you need to make.
Thoughts charged with feelings immediately change the way your body functions. The effect can be either positive or negative. Your thought habits are probably the most important factor in your overall health. Unfortunately, most of us spend our mental (and healing) vitality:
Worrying about the past
Being anxious about the present
Fearing the future
We help you learn to think in ways that enhance your body’s healing ability.

Pain has a Purpose

Pain is the body’s alarm system, alerting you when something is wrong so that you can address the cause. Turning off the alarm with medication can provide relief, but it is not a solution and may delay the healing process.
The way to achieve long lasting relief is to balance the body’s energy fields. This allows your body to repair and rebuild the damaged, painful condition. Often, an immediate response to the procedure is pain relief.
Many of the people that come to us to have their bodies balanced don’t necessarily have pain. By keeping your body balanced, stress can be managed, thereby preventing potentially painful conditions before they occur. Prevention is the goal. Most importantly, B.E.S.T. will allow your body to function more efficiently.


Cancer touches many lives. Statistically, one in two men and one in three women will experience cancer in their lifetime. Cancer is an expression of the body doing the best that it can to survive. The solution to cancer is to make it unnecessary.

The immune system plays an essential role in the prevention of or recovery from cancer. To strengthen the immune system, nutrition and stress management must be addressed. For many, the fear (stress) associated with the diagnosis is the greatest barrier to healing. Most doctors do not realize the power they have to negatively influence a patient’s ability to recover when they give a patient a grim prognosis. When the body is balanced both nutritionally and emotionally, the probability of a positive outcome is greatly increased.

The Morter Health System has been teaching patients how to regain their health for over 30 years. Dr. Morter teaches that regardless of a condition, “if a patient can take nourishment, eliminate, and think, there is hope, and where there is hope, there is possibility.” Dr. King has a special interest in working with patients that have experienced cancer, assisting them to make choices that increase the likelihood for a complete, lasting recovery.


Nothing is more precious than a healthy child and few experiences are more painful than being the parent of a child with a serious condition. Most parents are unaware however, that their emotional state has a profound effect on the child’s healing ability. Mothers, in particular, are “connected” on a subconscious level with their child. This communication is not limited by time or distance. It has been well documented during wartime that mothers “know” the moment that their son falls on the battlefield. Mothers need to know that when they are stressed to the maximum about their child’s condition, the child’s healing ability is diminished. That is why it is usually necessary to work with the Mom and possibly the Dad while treating a child with B.E.S.T