Dr. Joseph Mercola – well referenced alternative health information

Weston Price Foundation
– excellent information on traditional nutrition

Standard Process – our primary whole food nutrition provider

National Vaccine Information Center – good information on vaccine safety issues

Woman Within International – Woman’s Empowerment
Programs and workshops that support women and find access to their strength, passion, and beauty. (We don’t think the website reflects the wonder and brillance of the organization.)

David Deida – Love and Intimacy
Inspiration for “Passion is Medicine”

Louise Hay – a great resource for the mind/body connection

Ester and Jerry Hicks – information about “The Law of Attraction”

Carolyn Myss – dedicated to creating educational programs in the fields of human conciousness, spirituality, and mysticism – Offers professional websites and an all-inclusive technical and design support package for a low monthly fee, no up front cost.